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Clayton James • “Quail” 

1981, clay, 9 x 13 x 10.5 inches, photo: Camille Ireland

Smith & Vallee Gallery • Edison, WA

Elisheba Johnson and her son Emery Spearman, 9, are two subjects of cut-paper portraiture by Seattle artist Barbara Earl Thomas. "You get to see yourself through somebody else's eyes," Johnson said. "You're memorialized in this really incredible way." Exploring themes of light, perception and grace, "The Geography of Innocence" is the artist's first solo exhibition at Seattle Art Museum. (Corinne Chin and Ramon Dompor / The Seattle Times)

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"The Geography of Innocence"

by Barbara Earl Thomas

On view through January 2, 2022

Seattle Art Museum

1300 First Avenue • Seattle, WA 98101



Through June 27

Artists include

Jennifer Eaton-White • Andy Eccleshall Kris Ekstrand • Eric Eschenbach Kathleen Faulkner • Becky Fletcher 

Patty Haller • Clayton James • Hart James

Nicki Lang • Julia ‘Joules’ Martin

Lisa McShane • Roger Small • Rob Vetter

Pamela Wachtler • Dederick Ward

 Evelyn Woods • Lynn Zimmerman


5742 Gilkey Avenue • Edison, WA 98232

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